Saturday, 28 February 2009


I went on to look for some images for an illustrator - Margot Macé, who produces some brilliant stuff with watercolours with ink pen:


Trying to find stuff on Margot, I came across a site full of brilliant French illustrators. My favourite bit of this site was the typography illustrators.

Wandy Sinesi

I love the work of Come de Bouchony on this site:

I also really liked the work of Alex Trochut:

This work really reminds me of Alan Alridge's psychodelic graphics. I love it all so much, all the engergy and swirling styles of the type. It really creates interesting visuals and does very much relate to that era, with regard to illustration. I feel like I'm on drugs looking at it!

Tom Binns.

Recently seen on Michelle Obama, Tom Binns' jewellery is so utterly amazing, that it makes me want to beg, borrow and steal to purchase. He mixes innovative design with re-mastered vintage pieces and just generally rules the earth. Which collection is my favourite? Maybe 'Real Deal' but its very hard to say, as it really is all amaze. I've been looking to get a massive multi layer diamond necklace. If only these were in my price range. I think the main reason I totally adore this designer is because he uses skulls in his pieces. I also love his use of hearts - and really REALLY want 18KT chain of events bracelet. When it comes to jewels, I am in total agreement with bigger is better, and Binns' use of layering, with loads and loads of chains interlinking is just simply perfect in my eyes. His edgy style would be PERFECT for the SS season, to go against lighter pastels and florals, but also with the more bolder firey colours of the season.

Alberta Ferretti. S/S 09.


Beautifully elegant and decedent, Alberta Ferretti's designs are always the height of femininity. With hints of Grecian and strong 20s influences throughout the pieces, I think this collection adds a little extra to the girly, floaty chiffon seen throughout the S/S catwalks. I love the use of colour, with luxurious golds and silver/lilac and blue tones and I'm always a fan of a bit of tassle.

Digital Clutch.


Yes, I have actually died and gone to heaven.

Vivienne Tam has teamed up with HP to make a clutch.... that is a computer.... I just don't know what more I could ask for in life? Combining my two most utter loves, this concept just blows me away. This floral fashion accessory (very SS 09 compatible) allows a high Internet speed and contains a webcam, so when you are out strutting with clutch in hand, you can simply flip it open and send an email, or check your facebook (if only I could). This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. But one question - where do I put my blackberry and keys??? I'll have to get a matching bum bag..

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Jo Ratcliffe.

How. Cool. Is. This.

Where did I find it? Amaze. Doing some research I found out that Jo went to Central St. Martins to study illustration, and has worked for some amazing clients, including British Vogue. Finding Jo's website, I got so excited at the amazing work, that I couldn't decide which ones to post. So I'm going to post all of my favourites.

I cant even contain myself with how hot this is.

Typeface for Vogue.


Vogue again. Amazing metaphorical concept. Really brings the spread to life.

Anna Su Agengy.

If only my name started with R.

I think these illustrations are truly brilliant. I love the playful and innovative nature of everything I've seen, it's really refreshing and brings the page/screen/whatever to life. I especially like her use of colour, type and intricate detail on the text and illustrations.
I want the illustrations for Topshop on my wall!

Axel Peemoeller Design.

Whilst perusing the Internet, I came across this illustrator/designer who is amaze. The website is really cool, with overlapping images everywhere, and if you see something that appeals, double click and it sends you to a description and more images of the project. The above image is one of my favourites on the website. Axel illustrated the literature section of an issue of Feld magazine. I absolutely love the bold form of these illustrations. The monochrome style is really powerful and the size adds to this impact. Also, anyone drawing skulls is brilliant in my book.

My other favourite part of this site was the logos/identities that Axel has designed. Some cool typefaces. I love the learn a lot logo, v. clever and LOVE the y in the lower logo.

Those Dancing Days.

Beacuse I've just started this blog, and have recently given up facebook for lent (thus freeing up a considerable amount of time), I am going to post a thousand things in one night. How exciting.

In November, I went to a gig in Leeds by this brilliant band from Stockholm - Those Dancing Days. I went because Sky Larkin were supporting them, and their singer/guitarist is a friend of my bez. I didn't actually know what the headlining act was, but I absolutely loved these girls. Their style (dress-wise and music-wise) is brilliantly original, and they have such an energy when they perform. I LOVE their music and Linnea (vocals) has a brilliant voice. Very glad I went. (Fav song - Discho').

Presenting Miss Imani Izzi.Paris.

Recently, my sister and I went to Paris for the weekend.
Trés amaze.

We stayed at hotel du petit moulin designed my Christian Lacroix, and it was out of this world. It even surpasses The Portobello as the coolest hotel I've ever been in. The room designs are all equally as elaborate and intricate. An amazing place to stay if you have an interest in design. I wish I could have stayed in all of them!

Whilst in Paris, we visited the usual Parisian cultural sites: Colette, Maje, Louboutin..
But one highlight of the trip was DEFINATELY Fauchon. I have never seen a patisserie/food shop like it in my life. The bold logo, packaging, fuschia perspex entrace, enticing me in to eat everything (my favourite activity). I was in heaven. My sister had told me about this place when we were on the Eurostar. As soon as she mentioned leopard print eclairs I knew it would be my sort of place; and let me tell you - I could have eaten 10.

The next day, we ventured to the ghetto of Paris to visit the largest cluster of antique and thrift stores known to man. I have never seen such expensive things. Trés ridic. We couldn't even consider buying anything. Very sad. There were some amazing huge vintage perfume bottles, especially an Oscar de la Renta one costing 900euros.. ufff. I did find these glasses though:

Paris purchases: Zadig and Voltaire patchwork wallet and Corpus Christi silver necklace with a gold crown. I'm really liking the mix of gold and silver in jewellery, especially by Paul & Joe. Speaking of Paul & Joe - my mum bought me a pair of their dagger earrings for my birthday. Apparently they suit my personality..

Paris Paris