Thursday, 21 May 2009

prim. Magazine.

prim. magazine is a digital magazine that has been running for less than a year, covering the latest trends and newcomers in fashion, art, and music on a sometimes global scale - and I am extremely thankful for the cool online vintage store ads! The creator and editor goes by the name of Kristin and is from New York. She is fabulous and has accomplished a considerable amount at age 15. She has featured in magazines such as French Glamour, Italian Elle and Pulse, and is very much an inspiration with regard to showcasing hidden treasures of popular culture and hosting it to readers with some of the coolest layouts I have seen. A lot more design driven than a lot of generic fashion pages, with whole pages used for titles in varying typefaces - making the magazine itself look like a piece of art. I am really into this magazine, and the more people who read it the better.

Kristin, prim. editor. Pulse photoshoot.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Album Art.

I was thinking (instead of revising) about album cover art - and how it's just the same as package design. I've never thought about it before - but it's true. I wonder whether the externals of a cd affects people in the same way it would with a costmetic product, for example. There are some really interesting album designs out there - but as its 1am in the MIDST of my revision hell - I have only collaged a few of my favourite covers at the moment. I included Hall and Oates as a joke. They are amazing, but it is a bit of a weird cover - as they are dripping in sweat. iffy.
Paris Paris