Wednesday, 25 November 2009

alberto seveso.

When I saw Frankmusik's album art, I was really intrigued with the gorgeously original illustrations. Looking on an illustration site the other day, I found who did it - Alberto Seveso.

Reading about him, I found out that he has never studied anything related to graphic design or illustration. I find this really interesting because recently I've been thinking about whether creative talent can be learnt or whether it's innate. Obviously this is proof that you have to have it in you - because his work is not only amazing, but truly inspiring and unique.

He merges black and white photos with beautifully abstracted illustrations - a method called 'sperming'.. I love the way that it almost looks like the body's internals are exposed, showcasing a series of beautiful curves and shapes embodying a plethora of possibilities: organs, bones, veins, flowers, etc. Each human figure is injected with an imaginative burst of visually compelling forms to create something incredibly fresh and I haven't seen anything like this before! Gorgeous! Forza Alberto!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Se7en Magazine.

I am very excited to be writing some articles for Se7en Magazine. I really love this publication and it's linked to some really good causes. My first article was concerning the influx of edgy and unique female recording artists Britain has birthed this year. My second article was on the fact that I'm starting to like Jedward... *shudder* and possible theories (psychologically based) as to why that may be the case. Cos it certainly isn't down to their jubliant raw talents, is it!!
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