Tuesday, 16 March 2010

pokemon Exhibition - Nintendo/Vice.

Who doesn't love Pokemon? No one. So thank the Lord that Nintendo are releasing their newest Pokemon game for DS. BOOM. With Vice being the on-the-pulse-creative Gods that they are, they've decided to commission 7 artists to create Pokemon inspired pieces for an exhibition that will be held at Blackall Studios from 24th to 31st March. The artists they've asked are seriously cool and also have a style that translates well into the virtual, colossal world of Pokemon. Amongst them is Jon Burgerman (pic to the left) who I blogged about back in July.

The launch of the exhibition on the 24th is going to be out of this world - with Nintendo demos for guests, food from the world of Pokemon (the mind boggles), drinks and DJ sets you won't want to miss, including Filthy Dukes, Friendly Fires and Real Gold. Unless you are a spy/offshoot for the Vice network like me - you cannot get into this beastly event, UNLESS you enter their competition - so go to the SITE to check out the really cool Pokemon themed art and enter!

my website.

Last week I made a website as a reference point for my writing 'services'. Because I do a bit of freelancing and would like to do more, I thought it was logical to get www.jenniferjaconelli.co.uk up and running - so people can read a bit about me and my qualifications, and some examples of my writing.

If you are interested in looking at an incredibly simplistic iWeb effort - click here.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

i've broken myself.

Hi. I've fractured my wrist - MAYBE - they're not sure. Either way, I have to wear this bad boy for 2 weeks till my next x-ray. Naturally I opted for the Italian flag as my cast design. I think it looks pretty sharp....
Paris Paris