Monday, 13 July 2009

Jon Burgerman.

Today I was in Urban Outfitters, and after being unsuccessful with my try-ons, I waited on the sofa for my friend. Amongst the books was this - Pens are my Friends, by Jon Burgerman.
Inside was doodle upon doodle - really cool stuff, great use of colour and really comical and fantastical illustrations. Not my normal style, but I really enjoyed flicking through the pages of this little shiny scribble bible. When I went on his website, it told me that his book signing for this book was actually yesterday in NYC! What a coincidence!
I like the nature of doodles, especially from this brilliant illustrator, as he states inspiration can be found everywhere - this tells me that his work is extremely varied and he draws from all areas of life and his surroundings, which is very very cool - drawing a line from life to paper. He also does 3D work and animations which are equally as compelling, visually.
Here are Jon's tips on how to be a doodle wizard:
"Doodling is a hard master if you want to take it seriously, it’s a piece of pie if you just want to mess around though. Always sharpen your pencils and keep your desk tidy. Carrying a sketchbook with you at all times is useful, though you have to remember to draw in it once in a while".

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