Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cam Diamond.

True fact: I had an uncle called Diamond (I've linked in proof - - of course, he was an ice cream man). I like telling this story, as people always look at me like I must belong to some kind of mafia family.

Anyway, I was feeling very monochrome today - and although Cam Diamond does a lot more than black and white - I love these pieces. There's always something so impacting and bold about just using black and white - which has reminded me to also blog about some Non Format stuff I've seen. Cam Diamond's posters are nicely abstract, with illustrative type thats just gorgeous.

Cam Diamond is a designer for Lee and Wrangler, and runs a creative studio covering all mediums. It excites me when i read the studio runs from "illustration to installation" - - - it must be a seriously cool place.

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