Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Andrei Robu.

Andrei Robu. Exceptional. Designer and Partner at Acme, design office in Bucharest, Romania (copied from his Twitter account.. I'm such a crafty stalker). When I came across the work of Andrei Robu, I was booowwwlllled over. What gorgeous work. His typography is playful and inventive. There's some stunning work with translucent overlapping colours on his site, like the example above - I recommend viewing it. The examples I selected to show you were.. surprisingly.. my favourite pieces. I could look at them forever - how serene, how delicate, how BRILLIANT. Beautiful use of colour, layering, composition and detail. Andrei - blow your cig on me, I'm yours.

(All images are from the artist's website, as always)


Paris Paris