Friday, 17 July 2009

Maggie Shaffer.

I was thinking today - all I blog about is men men men, and it's just not on - women are meant to be the ones with the more active creative side of the brain - and there are many ladies out there with talent. SO I thought I'd showcase the illustrations of a friend of mine. I always stalk her for her illustrations she puts up on facebook, I love her stuff, she's very talented. I like the illustrated quote too, it's definately food for thought with regard to where creativity stems from in us.

Speaking of talented women - I'm listening to Suzanne Vega whilst I do my writing tonight. I forgot how great she was. Amazing. I have ridiculous music taste for a 22 year old. I love 80s - and I blame my local radio station who have a late night show called 'the wind down zone'. It's out of this world. I'm not ashamed.

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