Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dripping in Chanel.

This week, Ariston Anderson wrote an article for Cool Hunting about this lavish stunt. This painted Chanel logo was dripping off the Hong Kong flagship Armani store, by none other than ZEVS - - - as part of his 'Liquidated Logos' show in Hong Kong. Apparently it is to symbolise the war of brands. I'm going to back out of moral/intelligent discussion about the rights or wrongs of this - because my brain can't take it alongside the billion words I have to write for my literature review today. Basically, the reason I am blogging about this is because I think Zevs is very profound and worth talking about, when he does crazy stuff like this, getting fined hundreds of thousands of pounds to make his point, but more so because the Chanel logo is my favourite logo of all time, and always will be. When I got interviewed last summer to do work experience at Pearlfisher, I was asked what my favourite identity was and why. There was no doubt in my mind. CHANEL. Those two interlinking Cs, simple, classic, timeless. But SO much more than that. A logo is a representation of a brand, so I guess without what Coco Chanel created, the logo wouldn't mean the same thing to me. But this impacting logo denotes independence, style, elegance and and the beauty of simplicity.

As much as I'm sure Coco Chanel wouldn't like her logo dripping off and Armani wall, I just thought I'd blog to show what lengths some people to go for their art, and to show my love of Chanel.

Installation, 2007, Zurich.

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