Friday, 27 March 2009

Alvin Chan.

Malaysian-born designer. Quite a lucrative spread of work, including branding, space design and graphics. Currently Design Director at Nike Europe in the Netherlands.
What attracted me: primarily the Nike branding and package design. Clean, sharp, powerful, bright yet muted tones. Adds good package design to a market that is normally brash, shiny and consisting of no graphical distinction. Love the blocked out typeface.

Origin of the Species poster graphics is my favourite design from Chan. Obviously - because there's a skull on there, so I'm instantly in love with it. The use of colour is very effective, with a typeface that really amalgamates with the theme. As I'm mostly interested by textures in design, I was really into this close up shot of the poster design. Here, you can really see the mottled effected on the skull, blended with whites and reds and all the shades in between. I love the ability of something 2D to look as if it's worth running your fingers across.

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