Sunday, 21 June 2009

Don't Panic.

Apologies for the horrendous images, I have a major case of shaky hand!
When walking down the street, we all live in fear of the skin crawling-ly irritating humans standing in the way, with a pile of shitty pieces of paper - trying to flog them to whoever comes within a 5 metre radius, or in fact whoever makes eye contact with them. As soon as you make that pivotal mistake, they have their claws in - they pace forward, with paper in hand - trying to shove it into any oraphis available on your person. Bain of my actual life. I have been known to get quite irate when I'm on the phone in a rush, and there is a keeno trying to place leaflets under my arm or in my open mouth.
In conclusion - it can be said that these people, and their little pieces of paper are not liked. No one wants to know about a gig, or a club night through a piece of paper. People are too lazy to read it - keep it - remember about it. They end up on the floor, in the bin, or at best - at the bottom of your bag. In my eyes, it is NOT a successful marketing communications technique.
BUT then I came across these packs by Don't Panic. Really cool art work drew me in initially. A brown paper envelope with different abstract illustrations on every week, i became somewhat of a collector. Looking at the envelope, I thought it was going to be a goodie bag - alas it was brimming with loads of leaflets, but also with the nice addition of posters and stickers, which made it more palletable.
The people handing them out were obviously still not getting much luck, as when I showed an interest they practically kissed me on the forehead and asked me if I wanted 5.
But I really do think these packs are cool. I LOVE the artwork. Don't panic is a really quirky and cool publication company who's creative doodles compliment the world of alternative music and the like and make communications a little bit more aesthetically scintillating.

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