Saturday, 10 October 2009

Rob Brandon.

I am writing this post because my friend Rob is about to move to Austria for 6 months to work with Red Bull. He is a music-video-maker, a short-film-creater and an extremely talented person (with good dancing skills thrown in). You HAVE to look at his website -- you can see his brilliant videos here and read his blog. I wish all music videos could look like his - so intricate and creative and thoughtful and clever!

He blogged about this video below yesterday. It's some "unofficial visuals i whipped up for the track 'Hot chick' by Uffie on Ed Banger." I LOVE IT. The way he's used shapes, pulsing, colour, text and the placement of all of these elements on the screen is so completely brilliant. I have a big interest on how you can merge your senses - similar to when I posted about Non Fortmat doing a visual representation of a Nas rap -- this is the same. He's captured what he's heard and turned it into the most vibrant and compelling aesthetic version.

Good luck in Austria, Rob!!! Have a brilliant time and let me know when I'm visiting xxx.

Uffie- Hot Chick (Glitch Remix) from Rob Brandon on Vimeo.

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  1. Jennifer Jaconelli you are too nice. look at all those lovely words you used to describe me! thankyou xxxxx


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