Monday, 15 February 2010

VBS Berlin Bunkers.

Listen In:

Vice/VBS have just been in Berlin, filming underground bunkers from the Cold-War era. Alongside them was New York artist, Peter Sutherland, photo documenting what was seen, as part of the Uneven Terrain project with Palladium Boots. As the film and the photography demonstrates, the project was exploring abandoned spaces that the Cold War left behind. Along their journey, they spoke to past soldiers who documented the arcane feel to the city in the war, due to spies and governmental agencies.
On their travels, they burrowed under the fragmented spherical domes at Teufelsberg, and studied the bunkers of Berlin to search for remnants of the battle.

"We're putting on our boots and climbing through the city's spy labyrinths, into the buildings that housed the hidden world of military espionage."

These beautiful images don't only communicate the desolate and broken result of war, and the remains of mystery, dishonesty and corruption. They convey beauty through frailty, form and fragments. Finding beauty in these 'found' objects is symptomatic of past artistic movements, such as Arte Povera.

Through these images, Sutherland has captured the darkness of war and the fragility of its aftermath.

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