Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Creators Project: Mark Ronson

Intel and Vice have joined forces to bring you The Creators Project - a "new network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across media, and around the world."

I'm going to show you their piece on the audio God that is Mark Ronson. We all know how innovative and totally mind-blowingly sick Mark Ronson's music is. His arrangements shake up conventions and implement the vast archive of genres (especially hip hop) Ronson has fallen in love with in his career, bringing something totally fresh and energised, bursting with complex technical musical genius. He is a trend setter from every angle. The video below gives you a bit of insight into his creative history, his collaborations with talents such as Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse and his new album. He is also chatting about how he's done a viral video to promote Circuit Breaker - which is a totally off the chain - pacman-equse sitch. He's also talking philosophically about the Twitter epidemic.. he's a seriously cool and interesting guy. You can also click HERE to read his interview for the project site.

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