Sunday, 19 April 2009

Bee Raw ...Bee autiful!

I was perusing the die line and came across THIS. A graphic design student has produced this for some honey sticks. What a honey stick is, I do not know (presumably a stick made out of honey). The main thing I like is how the student has crafted the packaging to look like honey comb. Its not overt, in the sense that it's not loads of little shapes interlinking, but at the same time it depicts that hexagonal form of the comb. Obviously, using this shape formation draws people's minds to honey, honey comb and so on when looking at the packaging, thus having that wonderful recall of all the glorious honey connotations by simply looking at a box, this is where my Psychology degree comes in handy - a sweeping statement, based on absolutely nothing I learnt. I love the colours, the gloss finish - again, reinforces that honey feel - bringing people's thoughts to the aesthetics and touch of honey. On top of all of this we have a gorgeous white typeface, bold and large across the packaging, with the image of the bee. I much prefer this to the black, as that is quite lost in the busy background. Really like the type not quite fitting and stretching over the surfaces, I think it makes it look really edgy.

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