Sunday, 13 September 2009

Could Be Me.

Could Be Me is a project including many many artists --- "exploring possibility of one artist occupying another's space. It is a visual adventure and an interpretation of the same sentence by different artists worldwide."

How interesting is this - looking at different artists styles on the same statement - it's hard to compare artists, because they are often inspired by different things and basing their work on different topics and obviously using different mediums and techniques. Here, all of these artists are given the same concept and that's it - and the range is unbelieveable. It's interesting to get into their minds - their use of colour and form is especially interesting. Many have used a picture of a person to illustrate it could be me but it's actually paul paper - but what I find most interesting are the people who haven't done that - like the bottom image by Josh Murfitt - a note on a sofa. Very clinical, no trace of humanity, the note isn't even hand written. It's wonderful to try and think about what his reasoning behind this is.

Images in order of appearance: Alexander Binder, Andrea Shear, Cesar Brun and Josh Murfitt.

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