Thursday, 24 September 2009


Hola. Do you like the pic? It's ME - I seem to have been borderline ginger as a child.. you'd never believe it now! Since finishing my MA I have been doing as much writing as I can - reviewing for Vexed and starting to write some articles that I am enjoying so very much at Canvas - my first published was one on a company specialising in obscure ice cream flavours - hence my picture. ALSO - prim. Magazine is officially available to purchase in print from about 50 stores in London - so I got a copy obviously. It is a major buzz seeing my first article in print!!

Also - I started a poetry blog but shut it down because I find the showcasing of my poetry too shameful to withstand - AND THEN I started a music blog (I'm blogging about music because I can't review unreleased material on Vexed... or at least I don't think I can) - but what I've decided to do is combine the two - so this blog will now cover more than illustration and typography - it will be more of a plethora of pop culture.

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