Friday, 14 August 2009

Design Museum. Take Two.

It's disturbing me that it was a whole week ago that I visited the Design Museum.. how the time flies when you're doing your d.i.s.s.e.r.t.a.t.i.o.n.o.f.h.e.l.l. So - tonight I sit here, writing articles, using the soothing tones of D'Angelo as prozac and thinking - I want to go back to London where I can see cool things like the first ever issues of some of the coolest magazines around. Namely i-D and Dazed & Confused. I was so excited to see the exhibition of design through the decades - it was SO interesting. I'm going to write some of my memo pad listings down now - about these cool typographic magazines I saw. P.S. sorry for the ridiculous quality of these photos - the lighting was catching, I was using my Blackberry and I was doing it in super spy mode cos I could feel the people who worked there looking at me - so I thought I was doing something illegal... I later realised that I could have had a whopping 6ft SLR and tripod as long as it didn't have a flash.I'm such a div.

Typographica: The founder of this cool publication was Herbert Spencer. From what I could gather - this journal took typography from every day surroundings and mixed it with really cool layouts and concepts to just be incredible.. this was a quote on the board: "one of the most distinctive visual arts publications of the post war period." It's still the same now . Lush.

Octavo (8v0): another international journal of typography. Founded in 1984 by Mark Holt, Simon Johnson and Hamish Muir. I'm tired, so if you want to know more - read this article by legendary eye magazine.

"For a graphic artist, letters are like bricks for a builder. When I write, I don't write, I draw."

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