Monday, 10 August 2009

Design Museum.

On Friday I went to the Design Museum - which I've been excited about for ages! This time the first exhibition was design through the decades - which I will blog about later, because I want to do some research on some really cool typography publications I've never heard of - which is EXCITING.
This exhibition was named 'Drawing Life' by Spanish artist Javier Mariscal. Mariscal got creative in his twenties - in the 1970s - when he moved to Barcelona, and started his career as an underground comic artist. From this, he experiemented in every realm of creativity, designing everything from furniture and interiors, to clothing and accessories. He's still crossing every confine and producing art through film, ceramics, performance and print in his large studio which reaches out to clients worldwide.
This exhibition was really something else. I love the Design Museum for the way the work is presented in such an elaborate and experiential format. This particular exhibition consists of 13 installations based on how Mariscal views the world. As you enter - you brush through a curtain of wires. The first passage is an explosion of hanging illustrations, mainly faces. I'm quite glad I went alone actually, because there was so much to see, I'm pretty sure I was walking round with my mouth wide open. There were merging of film and illustrated board installations, projections on walls, furniture and textured typographic presentations. It literally makes your brain buzz. My favourite section of the exhibition was Mariscal's animated film played to a Pretender's tune. It was played on small screens under board constructs, and I sat for ages watching it over and over whilst flicking through his sketch book. It was really quirky and witty and really full of life.

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