Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Steven Wallis.

Steven Wallis is a friend of my sisters (though I'm not name dropping!). He won Master Chef in 2007 - but had a background in fashion and branding/design. I have had the pleasure of sampling his culinary delights - he is G.O.O.D. Steven is currently taking a year to travel the world and experience gastronomy from many different cultures, I really hope he's having an amazing time. As well as reading his blog (which you should also read), I like to keep track of his travels by looking at the photos he posts on facebook. I absolutely love Steve's photos, because the one thing you can be sure of is that they will be bursting with colour - really bright and full and lavish. GLORIOUSLY luscious. Even in the foods he snaps (as you can see above). He posts a lot of photos, so it's almost like I'm going on the journey with him -- (while I sit in bed getting repetitive strain injury on this computer) -- the places he's been, I've never seen so much stunning infrastructure and brilliant opportunities for design influenced photography. Here are a few of my favourites, but they really don't represent how many great scenes he's captured.

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