Thursday, 26 February 2009

Jo Ratcliffe.

How. Cool. Is. This.

Where did I find it? Amaze. Doing some research I found out that Jo went to Central St. Martins to study illustration, and has worked for some amazing clients, including British Vogue. Finding Jo's website, I got so excited at the amazing work, that I couldn't decide which ones to post. So I'm going to post all of my favourites.

I cant even contain myself with how hot this is.

Typeface for Vogue.


Vogue again. Amazing metaphorical concept. Really brings the spread to life.

Anna Su Agengy.

If only my name started with R.

I think these illustrations are truly brilliant. I love the playful and innovative nature of everything I've seen, it's really refreshing and brings the page/screen/whatever to life. I especially like her use of colour, type and intricate detail on the text and illustrations.
I want the illustrations for Topshop on my wall!

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