Thursday, 26 February 2009

Presenting Miss Imani Izzi.Paris.

Recently, my sister and I went to Paris for the weekend.
Trés amaze.

We stayed at hotel du petit moulin designed my Christian Lacroix, and it was out of this world. It even surpasses The Portobello as the coolest hotel I've ever been in. The room designs are all equally as elaborate and intricate. An amazing place to stay if you have an interest in design. I wish I could have stayed in all of them!

Whilst in Paris, we visited the usual Parisian cultural sites: Colette, Maje, Louboutin..
But one highlight of the trip was DEFINATELY Fauchon. I have never seen a patisserie/food shop like it in my life. The bold logo, packaging, fuschia perspex entrace, enticing me in to eat everything (my favourite activity). I was in heaven. My sister had told me about this place when we were on the Eurostar. As soon as she mentioned leopard print eclairs I knew it would be my sort of place; and let me tell you - I could have eaten 10.

The next day, we ventured to the ghetto of Paris to visit the largest cluster of antique and thrift stores known to man. I have never seen such expensive things. Trés ridic. We couldn't even consider buying anything. Very sad. There were some amazing huge vintage perfume bottles, especially an Oscar de la Renta one costing 900euros.. ufff. I did find these glasses though:

Paris purchases: Zadig and Voltaire patchwork wallet and Corpus Christi silver necklace with a gold crown. I'm really liking the mix of gold and silver in jewellery, especially by Paul & Joe. Speaking of Paul & Joe - my mum bought me a pair of their dagger earrings for my birthday. Apparently they suit my personality..

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