Saturday, 28 February 2009

Tom Binns.

Recently seen on Michelle Obama, Tom Binns' jewellery is so utterly amazing, that it makes me want to beg, borrow and steal to purchase. He mixes innovative design with re-mastered vintage pieces and just generally rules the earth. Which collection is my favourite? Maybe 'Real Deal' but its very hard to say, as it really is all amaze. I've been looking to get a massive multi layer diamond necklace. If only these were in my price range. I think the main reason I totally adore this designer is because he uses skulls in his pieces. I also love his use of hearts - and really REALLY want 18KT chain of events bracelet. When it comes to jewels, I am in total agreement with bigger is better, and Binns' use of layering, with loads and loads of chains interlinking is just simply perfect in my eyes. His edgy style would be PERFECT for the SS season, to go against lighter pastels and florals, but also with the more bolder firey colours of the season.

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